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Mario Oddo   East Gallery of the National Art Gallery of the Smithsonian Museums in Washingtond D.C.



Mario Oddo was born in the beautiful town of Modica, Italy in 1947. He is a painter and a designer.  Ever since he was a very little boy, painting has been close to his heart.

In 1962 he moved in Palermo. Here, at just 15 years old, he starts to paint his first canvas. He then got to know the masters of the impressionism such as Van Gogh and Gauchin who heavily influenced him onto his artistic path with the choice of the color and vivid brush expression.

In 1967 he moved in Siracusa, a town that always had fascinated him.  Up to 1983 he worked as an engineer in the industrial area of Siracusa but, still continued his carrier as an artist painting nudes, landscapes and dead natures. 

The 80's represent the most artistic period of his life. He left his profession as an engineer and returned to be a full time artist. In this time he moved to Urbino where he took a class in the Art Academy. At the end of the 80's, a brief time in Tuscany led him to true understanding of Macchiaioli' s technique. In 1991 after a short time in Puglia he went back to Siracusa alternating his artistic life with his job as an engineer. At the end of the 90's he accomplished sculptures in terra cotta, which his work was highly appreciated by critics. The systematic research of colors, for 50 years of art, put in evidence his personal in doubt talent. He organized many shows in the 80s, a period in which he is entirely involved in art. Since 2009, Mario Oddo is a full time artist participating in several shows around Italy and highly regarded by critics. Most of his work is in private collections in Italy and overseas.!/?ref=home

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